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Camp Shoshanim

End of Camp "Bat Mitzvah" Party Day Camp Sunday Activities Drama Production: Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone Purim in August Carnival! Shavua Tov! Melave Malka #ShabbatShalomShoshanim Basketball 10th Grade Trip Baking 7th Grade Hike 9th Grade Trip Volleyball Soccer #HappyCampers Jewelry Kickball Gymnastics 10th Grade Trip Camp Fun! Horseback Riding Ropes Robotics Lake Fun! Day Camp Art, Ceramics & Jewelry Archery Shiriyah - Song Competition 9th Grade Trip Soccer Night Activity - Counselor Hide and Seek Drama Day Camp 6th and 7th Grade Camp Out Basketball Baking Badminton #HappyCampers 10th Grade Trip to Disney: Day 1 9th Grade Trip to Harper's Ferry: Day 1 Survivor - Camouflage Activity Volleyball Lake Fun! Judo Horseback Riding Tennis Archery Coor War - Final Presentations More Color War Fun! See, Run, Build Races with Avi Panopoly Diningroom Decoration Competition Meet and Greet with Herb Brown Susie Fishbein and Friends Culinary Institute Color War Mifkad Rope Burn Competition Line Up Apache Relay Color War Fun! Team Time Lake Competitions Day Camp Boating Bucket Brigade Sports Competitions Shavua tov! Pizza, Ice Cream, and Melave Malka #ShabbatShalomShoshanim Tennis Night Activity: Shoshanim's Got Talent Ropes Jewelry - Collaborative Project Horseback Riding Gymnastics Drama Ceramics Camp Shoshanim Challah Bake! Beiteinu Basketball Baseball Archery Robotics Horseback Riding Drama Rehersal Day Camp Challah Bake Prep Baking Art Rainy Day Fun! Night Activity: Dance Dance Revolution Duct-o-gami Headband Making with Robin First Aid Lessions with Avi Paradise Chessed Project at the Honesdale Jewish Cemetery #HappyCampers Chammie's Sports Activities Day Camp Cupcake Decorating Beiteinu Art Erev Tisha B'Av Procession and Eicha on the Courts Wilderness and Survivor #HappyCampers Tie Dye Activity Paradise Life Guarding Course Lacrosse Judo Jewelry Tie Dye Activity Night Activity: Shoshanim Jeopardy Beautiful Sunday! Cupcake Decorating! Sports Paradise Visits Camp Kesher Susie Fishbein and Friends Culinary Institute #ShabbatShalomShoshanim! Happy Campers Wacky Science Volleyball Team Building Robotics Jewelry Gymnastics Drama Rehersal Night Activity - Bonfire Baking Archery Judo Art Basketball Survivor and Wilderness Electives Team Building Sports Night Activity: Candy Crush! Day Camp Electives Amazing Start to Second Session! Second Session Has Arrived! Packing Day Day Camp July 23rd Activities Paradise Haunted House Day Camp Chinuch: Jerusalem Monopoly Activity Night Activity: The Newlywed Game Melave Malka: Pizza, Ice Cream and Zumba #ShabbatShalomShoshanim Friday Activities July 20th Activities Paradise Night Activity: CHOPPED with Naomi Nachman Chammies and Kallies Night Activity: Spa Night Yom Nate Intercamp Games Basketball Clinic with Herb Brown Night Activity: Chicago Boyz July 19th Activities Intercamp Basketball Day Camp Soccer Intercamp Game Day Camp Lake Night Activity: Cake Wars Jewelry Sports Basketball Intercamp Game Robotics Volleyball Basketball Clinic with Tamir Goodman S'mores 'n' More Survivor #SummerAtShoshanim Ropes Night Activity: Minute to Win it Lenny Krayzelburg Visits Shoshanim! Lacrosse Jewelry Horseback Riding Flag Football Day Camp Beiteinu Elective Baking Archery Color Run! Visiting Day Sports #ShabbatShalomShoshanim Olympic Day! Olympic Day Breakout! Dorney Park Trip! Staff Camera Uploads July 11th 'Once Upon a Mattress' Drama Production Tennis with Shlomo Glickstein Culinary Institute with Naomi Ross July 10th Activities Baseball with Ron Bloomberg Day Camp Israel Day! Wilderness Detective and Yoga Beiteinu Elective Night Activity: Israeli Army Training Day Camp Shavua Tov! Melave Malka Day Camp Activities #ShabbatShalomShoshanim! Electives Summer Fun Shoshanim's Got Talent Athletics and Adventure Basketball Tennis Smiling Groups Drama Chinuch Ropes Night Activity: Luau Night Activity: Roller Skating Jet Ski License Staff Uploads Ropes Horseback Riding Day Camp Robotics July 4th Festivities Wilderness Detective Sports Gymnastics BBQ Creative Electives Soccer Baking Ropes Volleyball Basketball Horseback Riding Ceramics Shoshanim Night Activity: Gold Rush Drama Tennis Handball Jewelry Tzofim Chinuch Day Camp Art Day Camp Baking Susie Fishbein and Friends Culinary Institute Basketball Survivor Elective Volleyball It's all smiles at Camp Shoshanim! Archery Tennis Kickball Intramural Teams Night Activity: Bonfire Melave Malka Boating Fun! Day Camp Boating #ShabbatShalomShoshanim Day Camp Photos Horseback Riding Night Activity- Family Feud: Chammies Archery Twin Day Tennis Day Camp Electives Horseback Riding Night Activity: Panic! Sports Day 2 Night Activity: Scavenger Hunt and Bunk Presentations Camper Arrival