Best. Summer. Ever.
Welcome 2nd Session Campers!


Camp Shoshanim

Olympic Day 2 Pre Shabbat Olympic Day August 14th Roller Skating NIght Activity Camp HASC Carnival Day Camp Fun At Camp! Game Show NIght Activity! August 13th August 12th Electives Art Activities Sports Yom Nate B'Yachad August 12th August 12 Chinuch TIsha B'Av Programming Tisha B 'Av Friday Activities Pre Shabbat August 8th Activities Israel Day - Nefesh B'Nefesh Celebration Play Practice Israel Day Camper-Staff Basketball Game August 7th - Electives August 7th - Israel Day Shimi Shmooze August 6th Activities Survivor Day Activities and Bonfire Egg Drop Electives/Escape the Bunk Kislak Day/Escape the Bunk Painting Benches Chessed Day August 4th Canteen Pre Shabbat Microcalligraphy Elective Friday Activities Fun Around Camp Color Run Wonderful Wednesday Cake Wars Welcome Back - Second Session Last Night of First Session Packing Day Super Sunday Sherloch Holmes & the 1st St Irregular Pre-Shabbos Pictures Yom Nate Throwback Thursday Shosh's Got Talent Super Hero Day Game Show Night Paradise Jeo-PARTY Paradise Survivor Shoshanim !! Paradise Waterfall Hike Panoply The Rain Can't Stop Us Lego Project Friday Fun Pre-Shabbat Pictures Battle of the Bunks Wacky Wednesday Terrific Tuesday Israel Night Electives around camp Rollerskating Night!! Visiting Day Friday Morning Electives Bat Mitzvah Night! Thursday Activities Culinary, Ropes, Robotics and more! Glow in the Dark Carnival Color War Presentations Chinuch, Sports and Luau! Color War Fun Continues! Color War Day Two! Color War Day One Silent DJ/Color War Breakout! Friday Activities Erev Shabbat Basketball Inter-camps Culinary with Susie Fishbein Project Runway Night Activity Fourth of July Fun Electives and Simon Sez night activity Campers arrive!! First Night Activity Getting ready for summer 2019!!